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Thalia Arvayo


Meet Thalia, a talented and passionate hairstylist with a flair for creating stunning transformations and empowering her clients to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Thalia’s journey in the salon industry began with her graduation from Avalon Institute in Mesa, where she honed her skills and laid the foundation for her successful career. With two years of in-salon experience under her belt, Thalia brings creativity, expertise, and a unique perspective to her craft.

Thalia’s artistry extends to a range of unique skills and areas of expertise. As a master of extensions, she skillfully adds volume and length to her clients’ hair, creating breathtaking results. Thalia’s talent for color transformations and vivid hair colors allows her clients to express their individuality and stand out with vibrant and eye-catching looks. Her expertise in lived-in hair cutting ensures that her clients leave with effortlessly chic and low-maintenance styles.

Beyond the salon, Thalia’s vibrant personality is reflected in her diverse interests and hobbies. She delights in shopping and decorating, finding joy in bringing creativity and style into her surroundings. A dog lover at heart, Thalia cherishes the companionship of her furry friends. Her love for reality TV and her passion for attending fun events like festivals, concerts, carnivals, and movies add an extra touch of excitement to her life.

When it comes to customer service, Thalia’s approach is rooted in self-love advocacy and education. She believes in empowering her clients by educating them on their hair and providing styling tips to help them feel their best. As a thorough listener, Thalia takes the time to understand her clients’ desires and concerns, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience.

Thalia’s values and philosophy center on creating a safe and accepting environment for her clients. As a Chicana/Latinx, she brings a unique perspective to her work, helping her clients feel empowered and seen. Thalia’s mission is to provide a space where individuals can freely express themselves and embrace their true selves.

Throughout her journey, Thalia has achieved notable accomplishments. As an A+ student during her time at cosmetology school, she demonstrated her dedication and passion for her craft, graduating early and embarking on her journey as a hairstylist.

Step into Thalia’s salon chair, and you’ll experience not only exceptional hairstyling but also a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. With her skills, passion, and warm personality, Thalia is dedicated to helping you look and feel your best, inside and out.

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