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Mateo Wood


Salon Owner | Hair Extensions Guru | Color Wizard | Weiner Dog Dad | Creative Director of Verbena, The Salon

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Mateo is a rising star in the beauty industry with three years of experience under his belt. Despite his young age of 23, Mateo has already made a remarkable impact and built a rapidly growing salon. His dedication and passion for all things hair shine through in his mastery of extensions, dimensional color, and cutting techniques.

As the proud Owner of Verbena, The Salon, Mateo is not just a behind-the-scenes leader. He actively works with guests, providing top-notch services and ensuring her satisfaction. With his keen eye for creativity and attention to detail, Mateo sets the salon’s artistic direction, guiding the team to deliver exceptional results.

Mateo’s drive for growth and success is evident in his long list of accomplishments within the industry. He constantly seeks to expand his knowledge by attending classes, staying updated on the latest techniques and trends, and relentlessly pursuing excellence. Building a thriving business in such a short time is just one testament to his unwavering dedication.

Beyond the salon, Mateo embraces his inner old soul. You might find him indulging in the art of crochet, belting out Taylor Swift tunes, doting on his beloved dachshund Dulce, or reminiscing about the Twilight series. His diverse interests add an extra layer of warmth and personality to his interactions.

When it comes to guest experience, Mateo excels at listening attentively, providing valuable information, and offering creative suggestions. He strives to establish long-term relationships with guests, working collaboratively to achieve her hair goals in a realistic and achievable manner.

Mateo’s mission extends beyond running a successful salon. He is passionate about creating a business that is inclusive, embracing everyone in the community. Sustainability is also a priority, as he aims to minimize the salon’s environmental impact. Above all, he wants each guest to feel a sense of belonging and home when stepping through the salon doors.

Join Mateo at Verbena, The Salon, and experience his expertise, passion, and commitment to providing exceptional hair services in a welcoming and sustainable environment. Together, let’s create a beautiful, inclusive, and fun-loving community where everyone can feel their best.

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