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Zachary Novak

Advanced Stylist

Salon Manager | Healthy Hair Advocate | Image Consultant | DayMaker

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Zach is a seasoned professional with 15 years of experience in the beauty industry. Throughout his career, Zach has not only honed his skills as a stylist but also shared his expertise as an educator for major brands and local beauty schools. His passion for hair extends beyond the salon, as he has contributed to editorial hair and photoshoots, showcasing his creative prowess.

As the Salon Manager at Verbena, Zach takes on a leadership role, guiding the team and overseeing backend operations. His expertise lies in holistic hair care, transformations, and hair color, with a deep understanding of how to bring out the best in each guest’s hair.

Zach’s commitment to excellence is reflected in his extensive certifications in advanced hair and skin education, extensions, and naturally curly/coily hair and is continuously seeking to expand his knowledge to provide the highest quality services to guests.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Zach is involved in community activities and has a passion for gardening and natural medicine. He finds joy in the company of his fiance Mateo, and pets Apollo (cat), and Dulce (dog).

When it comes to his approach with guests, Zach is known for being firm yet considerate, understanding, and solution-focused. His friendly nature and sense of humor create a welcoming and enjoyable salon experience. He is generous with his time and expertise, always providing structure and guidance to ensure guest satisfaction.

Join Zach at Verbena, The Salon, and experience his unmatched expertise, warmth, and commitment to delivering exceptional service.

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